Mod Pods

Our Mod Pods are made using top quality Industrial galvanised retro fittings, robust, sturdy and stylish.  The Cat Baskets which are made using beautiful super soft snuggly warm and cosy Faux Fur or Corded Fur Fabrics are attached to a wooden base with thick velcro so that they are easily removable for washing purposes.  Since the basket has been made using a firm foam side, we would recommend washing by hand to avoid losing shape – Basket has a removable pillow which can be machine washed.  They have been manufactured stylishly to fit in with your home décor and are practical, out of the way and unobtrusive, perfect for anyone living in apartments with limited space.  Your cats will love them as any Cat lover knows how these precious animals love to climb and be on high spaces.  Pods are sold as SINGLE UNITS – as you see in our main picture and any number of pods can be ordered so that you can mount on your walls any way you like. Our Trio Pod is sold as a set and this comes with Three Pods.  Please see our lifestyle pictures where you will see more than one pod on the walls – which are for ideas only.  Pods are delivered assembled so you would simply need to attach the pipe to the flange and drill 2 holes on your wall and attach – heavy duty screws are supplied with your Pod. Spoil your fur babies……Because they deserve the best.

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